Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bubble Gum Lab and a SALE!

Today my second graders just concluded an experiment that they were doing with students from our High School Engineering Class called "The Bubble Gum Lab." Students learned to use the Scientific Method to answer the question, "What happens to the mass of a piece of Bubble Gum once it is chewed?"

Today's final session involved recording data and drawing conclusions. The high schoolers used a conversion chart to measure the height of the bars for bar graphs from the data that my students had recorded in their first session of the lab. There, they had weighed the bubble gum before and after chewing and recorded the weight in cm. Students used today's measurements to create colorful bar graphs that showed the weight of the gum before and after chewing.

From the bar graphs, students drew the conclusion that the mass of the bubble gum gets lighter once it is chewed. They also found out that gum is made from plastic so they should never swallow it!

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