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I teach Science to K-2 students at Sara Lindemuth/Anna Carter Primary School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It is a suburban school just outside of the the capital city of Harrisburg. Our school houses approximately 600 Kindergarten through 2nd graders. Prior to becoming my school's Science teacher, I taught first grade in the same building for about 14 years.

I love teaching primary grade children and just recently I discovered how much I especially love teaching them hands-on, inquiry based Science. We teach from the FOSS (Full Option Science System)  Curriculum, which provides children with fun and engaging hands-on science experiences called "Investigations." My students absolutely love coming to science class and this is so rewarding to me after nearly 25 years of teaching.

I have been married for twenty-eight years to my wonderful husband, Stephon, and together we have two awesome adult children; one of whom is a fantastic musician, and the other a great computer geek. (Sorry, did I say "geek?"). I also share ownership of one of the world's most handsome and affectionate rescue dogs named Buddy.

I absolutely love spending quality time with my husband, children, and friends, doing things like watching or going to the movies, eating out, or getting together at each others' homes for a great covered dish meal and meaningful conversation.

In my spare time I love reading inspirational books & educational blogs on my iPad. I also like learning about new educational tools and tips that I can use in my classroom to work smarter and not harder. Finally, I absolutely love creating quality educational materials to share with my colleagues.


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