Sunday, September 15, 2013

Oak Tree Life Cycle and Craftivity

We study "Trees" in my Kindergarten science classes. To help them understand how an oak tree grows I use this Oak Tree Life Cycle PowerPoint. This file is a converted SMART Notebook file, which is why some files are a little smaller than the slide on the presentation.

I found a great photographic life cycle at, where I could show students actual photos of an acorn's development into a huge oak tree from start to finish. 

I love the idea on this site to use the life cycle pictures for having students create their own life cycle.
I have students use a paper plate. Ahead of time I mark the plates into four quadrants. Next I have students color each section and number them 1-4. I copy the pictures in grayscale and then have students color the pictures as they see them on the PowerPoint. Students then cut out these pictures and arrange and label them onto the paper plate in the correct order of the acorn's life cycle.
Finally, I have students do a fun craftivity that I found at, where I guide students through making a cut/paste activity of an acorn.

Together, students and I identify the parts of the acorn, and then cut and glue the individual shapes onto a piece of green construction paper, using the small picture on the corner as our guide. Once the pieces are all glued students color their acorn the colors of an acorn, i.e. the "hat" dark brown, and the bottom part a lighter color brown.

I hope you enjoy this idea. You can find this product in my TpT store. I would love to get your feedback and find out how you would use it with your kiddos.


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