Sunday, December 15, 2013

Science Mentor Text Linky Liquids and Solids

This week I'm linking up with Collaboration Cuties' Must Read Mentor Text Linky for Science. The text I'm sharing is Infotrek's Liquids and Solids.

This is a very good non-fiction text for introducing Solids and Liquids. The content is introduced in Question/Answer expository format, which easily lends itself to building shema with a K-W-L, for example, before introducing each new question. 

True to non-fiction books, each page of the text contains nice large photographs of solids and liquids to support the text. 

Questions and answers are written in a way that children can easily compare and contrast solids and liquids using either a T-Chart or Venn diagram. Some examples of questions are, What do liquids look like?, What do solids look like? Can liquids change into solids? and, Can solids change into liquids? 

Liquids and Solids is ideal for students to use the questions to begin many cool solids and liquids investigations using the scientific method. Very informative!



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