Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Have Who Has Solids Vocab Practice

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I've been teaching my students vocabulary words for solids. We will have a test soon, so I made this I Have Who Has game to use as review. All of the pictures on the cards are of the equipment that we have used so far in our investigations, or will use throughout the year. I teach first graders so the pictures are very helpful at this point of the year.

These cards would also go perfectly with the FOSS Solids and Liquids kit.

The cards have cut lines on them, so they should be very easy to cut apart neatly after laminating.

I plan to use the cards in a center. I use each of my five tables in my science room as stations, each having from three to five students at a table. This is a perfect number for this I Have Who Has game. Students at this  center will pass out the cards evenly among the students at the table. The student who holds the "I WILL START, I have a solid...Who has a triangle?" card will begin the game by reading his/her card aloud and then puts it down on the table. 
The student who has the card that begins with "I have a triangle..." will read their card next and put it down on the table. The game continues until all cards are read and put down on the table, ending with the one that reads, "I have a solid, The End".


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