Saturday, August 3, 2013

NGSS Science Focus Wall Labels *Freebie*

Summer is definitely winding down and August is here. It's the official start of my BTS prep. Something happens when August 1st comes around. My brain actually begins thinking towards the school year and will not shut itself down. I begin to make lots of lists and usually start my shopping for supplies and such. Yay! Up until this time I just window shop and make mental lists of what I want to do or get for my classroom. There are about three more weeks left of my summer vacation until the kiddos arrive. I'm looking forward to my new school year. 

This summer I spent a lot of time learning about blogging and positioning myself as a TpT seller. Hip Hip Hooray! I've really enjoyed getting to know so many bloggers and sellers and look more towards sharing ideas even more as I get more exposure as a seller and blogger. And if I can earn some extra cash doing it that would make my world even more peachy.

Today I finished creating some Next Generation Science Standards labels for my Science Focus Wall and wanted to share them as a "Freebie". 

Putting up a focus wall is one of my goals for the coming school year. I believe it will give my students and me a very good glimpse of what they should be able to accomplish this year through the FOSS Science Solids and Liquids Investigations on Matter.

Each label lists a WE CAN statement which is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards for Structure and Properties of Matter for primary grades (K-2) and are just as appropriate to use as general science standards statements as well, as they are virtually the same as the Framework for K-12 Science Education standards. 

These simply designed black and white beaded framed labels are a standard 8 1/2" wide and will coordinate well with almost any color pattern. They can be cut apart to serve as individual labels or posted onto your focus wall as two conjoined sheets or pages grouped together on your wall.

Go to my TpT store and pick up your freebie and don't forget to leave a comment or question as feedback.

Enjoy the rest of your summer if you have more of it to enjoy.






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