Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back To School Science Writing Pack

This is the first product that I'm featuring on my new blog! I have been working hard on getting it looking great for viewing and purchase. I would love your feedback. Please visit my TpT store and consider purchasing it if you like it.

This Back To School Writing Pack will get your students writing about Science right away. The following printables are included:

1. Summer Science--Students can write about their summer science experiences such as planting flower/vegetable seeds, caring for a garden, caring for an animal or pet, collecting rocks, shells or bugs, picking up trash, recycling, etc.

2. What Is A Scientist?--Students write about what a scientist is or does.

3. Science Notebook--This page can be printed and glued to the front of a two-pocket folder to be used as a science notebook. I use them to have my students store class handouts. If you have the folders with pockets and fasteners, you can add multiple pages of the Science Journal Writing Paper printable I talk about below.

4. Science Journal Writing Paper--This printable can be used as experience paper for students to do reflective writing on their science investigations, record findings, or draw diagrams or models. Since this is a Back To School printable there are only a few lines for students to write on to reduce beginning of the year anxiety or frustration towards writing. A larger section is provided for the picture instead.


  1. Looks great, Lori! I'll be looking for all this great writing in the hallways!!!
    That First Grade Blog


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